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Geely-owned Chinese EV brand ZEEKR has announced that it has commenced production of its 001 model.

The ZEEKR 001, which might not hit the UK, offers some incredible performance figures – including 0-100kph time of just 3.8 seconds, maximum power output of 400kw and 768Nm of torque, all thanks to a 100kWh battery system. There’s also the promise of a driving range north of 300miles. So why are we covering the news? Well, Geely also happen to own Volvo and Polestar so there will be no doubt shared technology going back and forth between ZEEKR and Volvo.

With deliveries in its home country set to begin in the next few days, the ZEEKR 001 offers further proof that some of the most innovating EVs are being produced in China.

The manufacturing plant in Ningbo also features cutting edge technology with over 300 robots doing the lion’s share of the work. The production process also allows for ‘continuous self-optimization’, which is just a way of saying that the systems are intelligent enough to spot and correct any minor imperfections as the car is being built.

We also happen to like the shooting brake bodystyle.

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