Vehicle to Home Device can save people from snow storm – SETEC POWER

In recent times, multitudinous countries around the world have been hit by snowstorms, especially in February 2021, southern Canada, the transnational United States, and Mexico all endured severe cold swell downfall processes. As the worst- hit country, the United States issued a report on the evening of February 16, Eastern Time, that at least 23 people have been killed due to the blizzard and low-temperature downfall that has hit multitudinous countries in the United States for several days. Southwest Electric, which supplies power to 14 countries across the country, was overwhelmed by the cold downfall, with the hardest hit being Texas, where it nearly noway snows. At one point, the original temperature dropped to-19 °C, the lowest since 1989. Large-scale power outages have left millions of people in the dark in the deep snap. Due to the power outages, some original people are forced to use candles to boil water for cookery. Still, utmost people use their private motorcars to induce electricity to maintain general ménage electricity. Using the V2H device for power force, the electricity handed by the V2H device can not only be used for charging, watching TV, refrigerators,etc., and indeed a high-wattage electrical appliance analogous as an electric induction cooker, which was used for the quotidian conditions of original people at that time. played a major part.

Vehicle to Home Device can save people from snow storm – SETEC POWER
The global appeal of electric vehicles is slowly growing as buyers weigh low running costs and environmental benefits against the advantages of transportation companies in pricing, charging structures and driving range.
One of a growing number of new products, V2H, is an installation system that will allow homeowners to store electricity in EV batteries during off-peak hours and use it to power their homes during peak hours. This is a great convenience for people. At the same time, this is also its great advantage.

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