V2H will be a light in darkness when there is sudden power outage – SETEC POWER

The study found that after the financial crisis in 2008, the world economy entered a period of low-speed growth adjustment, and the power grid was facing the pressure of sustainable investment. At the same time, in the past 10 years, extreme natural disasters have entered a period of high incidence, which has brought serious disturbance to the security of the power system. Under the action of multiple factors, blackouts have entered a period of frequent occurrence, and electricity has become an increasingly inseparable resource. Playing with a mobile phone is a lack of power. At this time, if the family has V2H, it will avoid some troubles when the power is cut off.

V2H will be a light in darkness when there is sudden power outage – SETEC POWER

The V2H smart charging is a way where one can store electricity in their electric auto and also use it as a power source in the time of need. The idea of using buses as the storehouse for batteries sounds great right! The hassle of keeping a battery and an inverter for electricity backup in the house would no more be commodity to worry about, rather, all can have an electric auto which can also be used as a backup source of energy if demanded adding further to that it can be seen as a moving source of electricity backup.

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