New energy vehicles are increasingly needed by people – SETEC POWER

During China’s National Day holiday in 2021, many electric vehicle owners were queuing up to use charging piles at charging stations in several expressway service areas. There are also car owners who drive an electric car and encounter traffic jams, and they dare not turn on the air conditioner for fear that the electric car is out of power. According to local reports in Yunnan, the charging capacity of Yunnan alone reached more than 190,000 degrees during the entire National Day, and the total number of charging times was as high as 13,000. At present, a total of 162 charging stations have been deployed on expressways in Yunnan Province.

Various data show that people are increasingly reliant on new energy vehicles. Compared with fuel vehicles, new energy vehicles have several major advantages.

New energy vehicles are increasingly needed by people – SETEC POWER

Advantage 1: less pollution, more environmentally friendly

Pure electric vehicles can achieve zero pollution during operation, and do not emit harmful gases that pollute the atmosphere at all. Even if the power consumption is converted into the emissions from the power plant, the pollution caused is less than that of traditional fuel vehicles, because the energy conversion rate of the power plant is higher, and the centralized emissions can be more easily installed with emission reduction and pollution control equipment.

Advantage 2: Less noise, more comfortable

Electric motors operate with far less noise and vibration levels than conventional internal combustion engines. At idle and low speeds, the comfort of electric vehicles is much higher than that of traditional fuel vehicles. As the speed increases, tire noise and wind noise become the main sources of noise, and the two return to the same level. This feature of electric vehicles will undoubtedly be of great help in improving the performance of the vehicle.

Advantage 3: energy saving

The power consumption per 100 kilometers of electric vehicles is 15 to 20kw/h. After calculating the losses of power plants and electric motors, the energy consumption per 100 kilometers is about 7 kg of standard coal. The traditional fuel vehicle consumes about 10 kilograms of standard coal based on the fuel consumption of 10L per 100 kilometers. And in the urban congested environment, the energy-saving advantages of electric vehicles will be further magnified.

Policy escor

Under the advocacy of protecting the global environment and green travel, many countries and local governments around the world have vigorously promoted the development of new energy vehicles, especially electric vehicles, in recent years, and have accordingly issued a series of policies to promote electric vehicles on the road. Use and development escort.


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